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Free shipping in Italy ✈ 10% discount on the purchase of two cushions

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The best neck pillows of 2023

The best neck pillows of 2023

Can the best neck pillows of 2023 be the ones that make us sleep comfortably or should we look further ahead in search of the correct posture? The neck pillow is a fundamental accessory for those who suffer from neck pain or simply want to sleep more comfortably. A good neck pillow can help keep your spine in the correct position during sleep, thus reducing muscle tension and pain.

Long gone are the days when pillows were filled only with goose feathers or other things. Today, construction technologies and continuous research by manufacturing companies have given rise to the introduction of new types of cushions onto the market. There are all materials and all shapes, each with its specific function. As often happens with the increase in the supply of a product, consumer confusion about which to choose also increases. In this article we will take ourselves one "step" further than choosing the type of pillow, that is, once we have identified our needs and/or needs, we will understand which are the best pillows in the world today.

The top neck pillows in 2023 stand out for the use of advanced technologies that guarantee optimal support. This type of product revolves around three macro concepts: innovative materials, hypoallergenic and antibacterial coatings and ergonomic shapes. Many manufacturers have introduced new generation viscoelastic materials, increasingly breathable and performing, others focus on ecological coverings, others still indulge themselves with the strangest shapes to try to give the market something new. There are also other types of cushions , namely heated and motorized, but they certainly have a more daytime than nighttime function and above all more gymnastic than postural. Often these materials, and these shapes, derive from aerospace research, offer a balanced weight distribution, reducing pressure points and improving circulation and extending the wear of the cushion itself over time.

Innovative materials

The quality of the materials is a fundamental aspect of the cervical pillows of recent years. This makes them the best, the most desired, it is nothing other than the raising of the quality of the composition materials in general. Many are made with gel-infused foams, which combine the responsiveness of memory foam with the cooling properties of gel. Others are built with different layers of memory with different densities, many others in latex as it is a natural and ecological material. Excellent quality materials, possibly Made in Italy and certified, make the ergonomic cervical support breathable, comfortable, thermally stabilized and resistant.

Hypoallergenic and antibacterial coatings

Orthopedic pillow covers are the second main feature to check. Giant strides have been made in terms of hygiene and comfort. The fabrics, if certified and perhaps produced in Italy or Europe, are all hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This has become a standard condition considering the increase in allergic reactions, including skin reactions, that we witness nowadays. Despite this very important hygienic evolution, many manufacturers have not stopped there but have used super ecological covering materials both in terms of origin and production. Materials easy to remove and wash.

Ergonomic design

The design of cervical pillows has evolved greatly over the years thanks to a series of studies carried out by physiotherapists and tests carried out on people . By now both producers and consumers know how a pillow should be made that alleviates pain and brings benefits to the cervical part . Over the years we have gone from a pillow filled as best we can with feathers, therefore with an unclear shape, to a soap-bar pillow in memory or latex to arrive at an ergonomic double wave pillow with the two waves of different sizes for customization. more accurate than neck support. This last type of cushion works very well and obtains splendid results but the continuous search for novelty has pushed many producers, especially on the Asian continent, to create very particular shapes. In fact, today there are many shapes and it is still early to know if they are truly as effective as the ergonomic double wave ones. The customer has the last word.

Environmental sustainability

In 2023, environmental sustainability could not be missing as a topic, we find it everywhere, our planet needs our responsible behavior without necessarily having to give up who knows what comfort. But how do you make an orthopedic pillow for neck pain sustainable? We "spoiled" the answer a bit earlier, using ecological materials such as latex for example even if it is not the best material for support and adaptation to our body, considering that we are talking about cervical support. Another ecological aspect is the use of a biological and biodegradable covering, today the materials that meet this term are bamboo and Tencel. An additional note must be made on the latter as it is a vegetable fiber obtained from eucalyptus plants, which grow super fast compared to other European plants, and above all due to the processing technique of this fibre, on their site the fact is confirmed that production occurs by recovering 99% of the materials and water used for its production.

So how do you choose the best cervical pillow nowadays? Checking in the manufacturer's shop, or on their website, the characteristics in terms of materials used, type of covering, ergonomic shape and environmental sustainability. It is unlikely that we will find everything at the top in every pillow also because it will then be the last element, the price, which will act as an equalizer between all the features we have talked about. The important thing, therefore, is to choose that type of cushion that has as many features as possible at the right price. Have a good sleep everyone!