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Free shipping in Italy ✈ 10% discount on the purchase of two cushions

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Using the cervical pillow: how important is it?

Using the cervical pillow: how important is it?

The use of a cervical pillow is of vital importance if you want, once and for all, to resolve those annoying pains at the base of the neck that mostly arise from bad posture. Posture pillows are an increasingly popular accessory for improving posture and reducing back or neck pain. In this article we will try to highlight the benefits of using these ergonomic supports and how they can help improve our posture and overall health. To explain all this we will be helped by articles published in the most authoritative newspapers in the sector and beyond.

First of all, neck pillows can also be used by those who do not suffer from any type of neck pain, but simply want to prevent it by taking care of their posture correctly during the period in which we do not have control of our body, i.e. the night. while we sleep. According to an article from PubMed (National Library of Medicine) , our posture must necessarily be corrected to avoid those pains and/or musculoskeletal problems. The same national library (the most authoritative source in medical and health terms) recommends looking in the mirror to understand what our postures are and where we can and must improve. Today, with the increase in sedentary jobs, the excessive use of PCs, tablets and smartphones, have worsened the posture of millions of people, so much so that we have witnessed an impressive increase in musculoskeletal problems. During the day, with a little effort we can maintain a correct posture, but the problem then arises during the night when we do not have control of our body for an average period of 8 hours which, multiplied by several days, is equal to an increase in exposure to these issues. We can talk about neck pillows for days, if you want to delve deeper into the specific topic of the pillow and what there is to know then this other article from our blog may be interesting.

But what do these pillows specifically do and why are they so important?

An article from " The Huffington Post " highlights among the useful tips for improving sleep the use of a memory foam pillow that can support and improve the posture of our body by supporting movement, reducing pressure points to a minimum and promoting a good blood flow, also thanks to the property of this material to return to the starting position every time the pressure on the cushion is released.

The prestigious " Harvard Health " underlines in an article where it talks about sleep paralysis, that among the necessary treatments there is that of purchasing a pillow suitable for your body that keeps the neck and head aligned thanks to the right shape and density of material expressly citing memory foam as the top material for this type of solution. We can add the importance of the shape of the cushion itself which must be double wave where the two external waves, of different heights for better customisation, surround a depression where the head will rest and the wave will fill the natural space of the curvature of the neck.

But how much can a pillow that has all these features cost? Here too, to find out more, you can learn more in this article .

Other articles examined on the web talk about improvements in digestion with the use of postural pillows. Nocturnal posture certainly also affects digestion but in this specific case it is certainly more effective than good light and low-calorie food and allows our body to digest in the necessary time. .

Therefore, we have seen how even authoritative sources highlight that the use of an ergonomic orthopedic pillow is the most effective solution for improving our body posture, improving breathing and in some cases even digestion. It is good to remember that prevention is better than cure so let's get used to this type of support straight away to avoid the appearance of unpleasant symptoms in the future. Investing in your health is never a mistake.

Have a good rest everyone!