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Free shipping in Italy ✈ 10% discount on the purchase of two cushions

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Right cervical pillow: how to understand and how to use it for pain at the base of the neck

Right cervical pillow: how to understand and how to use it for pain at the base of the neck

Theright neck pillow is not always the most comfortable, soft or one that gives the feeling of resting your head on a cloud. Neck pain can be a debilitating disorder that affects your sleep quality and overall health. Choosing the right support can play a fundamental role in improving comfort and reducing neck pain during sleep. In this article, we will provide some advice based on authoritative sources to help you determine whether or not the pillow you are using is appropriate and meets your needs.

First of all, you need to know the causes of neck pain. According to the Mayo Clinic , neck pain can be caused by muscle problems, structural abnormalities of the spine, injury, or injury. It is important to consult a healthcare professional to determine the specific cause, or causes, of your neck pain to receive the right diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

The importance of pillow support for neck pain, according to a study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics , is enormous, as it is essential for maintaining the correct alignment of the neck during sleep and for reducing muscle tension. An inadequate pillow can put pressure on the cervical vertebrae and make the pain worse.

Features to consider in the pillow According to an article published on Spine-health , some important features to evaluate when choosing a pillow for neck pain include:

  1. Adjustable height: a pillow with adjustable height allows you to adapt it to your personal preferences and the shape of your neck.
  2. Neck Support: Pillows specially designed to provide extra support to the curve of your neck can help relieve neck pain.
  3. Pillow material: According to recent studies, memory foam can offer good support and adapt to the shape of the neck. Other materials such as latex or goose down can be equally effective, depending on individual preferences, although they do not have the same holding power as memory.
  4. Be wary of a pillow that is too cheap , these types of ergonomic orthopedic supports have behind them a design and research of the best materials that does not make them cheap.
  5. Another element is the sustainability and origin of these anti-cervical pillows. They may seem trivial but imported ones do not always comply with European quality standards and let alone if the materials that compose them fall into the category of sustainable materials.

In this regard, we have published a pillow purchasing guide that can provide further appropriate information.

Consult a healthcare professional to determine whether the support you choose is the right one and suitable for neck pain. It is advisable to consult a physiotherapist, an osteopath or a chiropractor who will be able to confirm the choice made according to your needs. These professionals can assess your specific situation, provide personalized advice, and suggest cushions and/or exercises that may be helpful.

It's good to remember that finding the perfect pillow for neck pain often requires a process of trial and error. You can experiment with different types of pillows for an appropriate period of time to evaluate their impact on neck pain. Always keep in mind your preferences and that the pillow in question is a postural support with the aim of modifying the initial posture, often the cause of inflammation of the base of the neck.

Choosing the right pillow can be a crucial element in managing neck pain during sleep. Always consider the characteristics of the cushion, their origin, the quality of the materials, experiment with different options to find the one that best suits your specific needs. Remember that every individual is unique, so what works for one person may not work for another. Have a good sleep everyone!