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Free shipping in Italy ✈ 10% discount on the purchase of two cushions

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What to know about the cervical pillow

What to know about the cervical pillow

Nowadays , what is there to know about the cervical pillow that we don't know? The cervical pillow is now known as an ergonomic postural support to relieve neck pain. To date, due to the increase in sedentary lifestyle, work on the PC and incorrect posture, it has become an essential sleep accessory both for those suffering from neck pain and for those who do not suffer from it but want to prevent it. Yes, you read that right, it can also be used for those who don't have particular problems, this isn't the only news that no one has said yet. Now we will analyze many false myths and many other useful information for correct information on the anti-cervical pillow.

Why and how a cervical pillow works

In addition to natural remedies such as yoga, postural exercises, stretching of the neck muscles, we must talk about the importance of using cervical pillows , usually wavy in shape, with a higher and a lower side to personalize the support. The two waves surround a concave area where the head rests, the wave itself will fill the void of the natural curve of the neck. In this way, the pillow supports the back of the neck and keeps the upper part of the spine aligned with everything else, reducing pressure on the muscles and joints.

Net of traumatic conditions and/or other serious symptoms , neck pain is due to poor posture. During the day with a little effort we can also limit bad habits to maintain a correct position, we have been taught this since elementary school. The problem arises during the night when we do not have control of our body, hence the use of a support specifically designed to maintain the correct posture and avoid wasting all the effort made during the day.

But as in all situations we have pros and cons let's examine them:


  • Reduce neck pain: The orthopedic pillow can help reduce neck pain, improving your posture during sleep.
  • Improved blood circulation: by sleeping in the right position we help blood circulation in the cervical area, reducing the risk of cramps and pain.
  • Improved breathing: the anti-cervical pillow has proven to be an excellent aid in eliminating or considerably reducing nocturnal snoring and the consequences of apnoea, with all due respect to the partner who can finally sleep better.
  • Combined with other pillows: it can be used in combination with other pillows that perform the same spinal alignment function, for example with leg pillows that have the function of avoiding rotation of the hips and maintaining the lower and central part of the aligned spine.
  • Combination with therapies: the use of a pillow does not at all exclude any therapies to be supported, indeed physiotherapists or doctors in the sector recommend it as a completion of the therapy itself.
  • Even during pregnancy: very useful and advisable even during pregnancy, we know well that in the final months sleeping comfortably is always very difficult and the spine takes on strange shapes and positions, the use of neck pillows combined with those for the legs can prevent many ailments .


  • It may be uncomfortable: the neck pillow can be uncomfortable for some people, especially in the early stages. It must be considered as a corrective support in all respects and changing this kind of habits is never easy, sometimes it takes time, focusing one's judgment on the effectiveness based on the first nights is too simplistic. Let's give it some time!
  • Not suitable for everyone: especially for those who sleep on their stomach, this is the most lethal position for those who suffer from neck and back pain, the spine assumes very strange positions causing, over time, musculoskeletal pain and discomfort.
  • Can be expensive: Neck pillows can be expensive, especially high-quality ones. They are hardly as cheap as traditional pillows. The latter are also present in supermarkets. For anti-cervical pillows, more in-depth research is required in the market of expert companies in the sector or pharmacies.

Before purchasing a cervical pillow, it is good practice to ask a doctor or expert in the sector for advice for a correct diagnosis and a personalized solution.

It is necessary to arm ourselves with patience, in some situations, because the solution is not always immediate, it takes time to get used to the change.

It is very important to evaluate the position in which you sleep, the shape of your neck and its curvature, and to orient yourself towards quality products.

Good sleep is an integral part of good health, investing in a quality product is equivalent to investing in your health