Free shipping in Italy ✈ 10% discount on the purchase of two cushions
Free shipping in Italy ✈ 10% discount on the purchase of two cushions
Cuscino per gambe e ginocchia classico con logo Made in Italy, logo tencel, coccarda con scritto miglior cuscino ecologico 2024
Due immagini sovrapposte a confronto tra postura corretta e postura non corretta
Cuscino in evidenza più call out con focus sulle caratteristiche principali
Donna distesa col cuscino in mezzo alale gambe con logo e scritta rivestimento tencel
Più immagini raffiguranti il vario utilizzo del cuscino
Cuscino con le misure in centimetri più call out con focus sulla fascia in velcro
Donna distesa sul fianco con il cuscino tra le gambe call out con focus sulla cinta regolabile
Cuscino con call out con focus sul sacchetto antipolvere in dotazione
Donna distesa con il cuscino in mezzo alle gambe più logo made in Italy e logo del prodotto testato dermatologicamente.
Donna distesa col cuscino in mezzo alle gambe più immagine del cuscino con scritta Memory foam e call out con mano che schiaccia il memory

Classic Leg and Knee Cushion

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Why choose CIPOXPAT leg and knee pillow?

  • Improved posture - it will help you sleep better on your side, making you assume a correct position, aligning the entire spine.
  • Made In Italy - memory foam leg cushion entirely produced in Italy with certified and high quality materials.
  • External covering - in Tencel® ecological, biodegradable and compostable fibre.

  • Anchor band - the Velcro band guarantees a perfect hold during the night. Its function is to remain in the starting position without it falling to the floor or getting lost between the sheets during the night.
  • Maintenance - Completely removable thanks to the presence of the zip, it can be washed either by hand or in the washing machine at low temperatures, left to dry naturally and do not iron.

  • Versatility - with its ergonomic shape it will also allow you to use it to rest your head while reading a book or as a leg raiser pillow, keeping them raised when they are tired and swollen after a day of work, or even as a leg pillow to use during pregnancy.
  • Compact dimensions - small and light, also suitable as a travel pillow for the legs.

For further information, we invite you to read the document Higher Institute of Health who back in 2004 during the 3rd annual conference spoke about pathology of the musculoskeletal system.

Further information on low back pain on the National Library of Medicine website

coat of arms pubmed

The Our product is among the best pillows for legs and knees. A support for sleeping and keeping the spine aligned with the rest of the body. Suitable for avoiding the inflammation of sciatica, it will allow you to sleep in comfortable positions making your sleep deep and regenerating for the well-being of your physical form. Suitable for everyone, it facilitates correct posture and in the morning you will wake up rested and energetic. We invite you to take a look at our customers' product reviews. You will find further information in the section FAQ and many useful articles on the page Blogs .

Woman showing pillow fabric label and pillow belt functionality

The diagram of the functionality of the band

Thanks to the adjustable velcro band you will no longer have to worry about having to adjust the pillow a thousand times during the night, even if you move a lot.

Woman lying on her side with pillow between her legs with call out for focus on the adjustable belt
photo of leg pillow with measurements

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