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Free shipping in Italy ✈ 10% discount on the purchase of two cushions

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When and where was memory foam born? | leg pillow and orthopedic neck pillow

When and where was memory foam born? | leg pillow and orthopedic neck pillow

Today we often hear this term so much that we no longer notice it, we almost take it for granted that some specific products are in Memory Foam.

Mattresses, soap pillows, cervical pillows, leg pillows, orthopedic seats, car seats and much more.

This material now seems everywhere, even if in recent years many companies, chasing the principle of differentiation, have introduced and tried to replace it with latex, a material that is still found today but not as widespread as Memory. For the same reason we have also witnessed the water mattresses which then disappeared over time.

As much as you want to replace or create an alternative to Memory Foam, this material seems irreplaceable mainly due to its unique characteristics:

  • Hold and support the body without suffering exaggerated crushing.
  • Return to starting position once compressed and released.
  • Maintaining the same temperature making it suitable for all seasons.

The mixture that makes up Memory gives the possibility of obtaining a material that is more or less soft or more or less rapid in returning to its original position, thus guaranteeing excellent versatility even in the production phase.

A perfect material therefore to produce mattresses and pillows of all kinds.

Within a few years it replaced feathers in pillows and springs in mattresses making them more durable, more effective in supporting, easily washable and cleaner hygienically.

But how was Memory Foam invented, by whom and why?

Like many products on the market, the study, creation and use tests come from very competitive and technologically advanced places, just think of how many materials and tests are done in Formula 1 and how many solutions we then find in normal cars.

Memory Foam is no exception, its invention is attributed to NASA, which, from the need to make astronauts feel comfortable while they were seated during the launch into orbit, invented, tested and used this material in their seats. Think of the moment of launch and the pressure exerted on the astronauts during take-off, a comfortable seat certainly solves many problems. The use of money and time to study a comfortable session may even seem excessive when you have so many other much more important and certainly more compromising situations to think about but, as you know, very often the success of this type of mission derives from the care of details.

We at Cipoxpat also fell in love with this material and we use it in our production of leg cushions and orthopedic neck cushions .

We have done much more, we have concentrated on producing in Italy with Italian raw materials to have the best quality for our customers and to make matters worse, we have lined the cushions with Tencel, an ecological and eco-sustainable fiber. Quality also at the service of the environment. In other words, we have tried to create the best made in Italy cushions .

So, when we sleep comfortably on our mattress and super supported by our pillow or we are still driving our car in full comfort in our seats, we just have to thank NASA.