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Free shipping in Italy ✈ 10% discount on the purchase of two cushions

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Why is it good to sleep with a pillow between your legs?

Why is it good to sleep with a pillow between your legs?

Many people keep asking us why to use a leg pillow while sleeping and especially how exactly to use it.

Let's go in order and answer the first question, Why use a leg cushion?

We would like to clarify that the content of this article is aimed at people suffering from back pain and/or lumbar pain in general, and that the pillow is a valid ally for any therapies in the presence of serious pathologies, or a valid alternative to therapies, more or less expensive, in the absence of serious pathologies.

As we know the problems of back pain are many and more and more frequent with age.

It is not always enough to replace the mattress with a technically more suitable one, sometimes it is necessary to assume the correct posture and correct the vices that we have assimilated during our lives.

To say it is easy to remove certain vices, to do it a little less. In our specific case, what do we need to improve to no longer have that sensation of lumbar pain that doesn't allow us to move easily?

Surely we have to make sure we sleep in the best possible position while keeping the vertical column aligned.

With a good mattress it can be done if you sleep on your back, sleeping on your back is not recommended and for side sleepers, the mattress is not enough.

And it is in this type of position that the leg cushion intervenes, its functions are multiple:

  • Spine alignment.
  • Avoid forward rotation of the pelvis
  • Release the compression on the hips and knees
  • Reduce stress on joints

It is now a known fact that many orthopedists and doctors in the sector have intervened on this issue and recommend sleeping with a pillow between the legs to improve the quality of sleep.

The first two points are the most important, sleeping with the spine aligned is essential to avoid and / or resolve back pain. From an early age we were taught that we must have correct posture to avoid back pain and/or consequences.

While we sleep, however, we do not have control of our body and therefore the orthopedic leg pillow helps us to align the column and above all to avoid forward rotation of the pelvis by helping the column not to rotate on itself.

The last two points are the natural consequence of the first two, with a cushion placed between the legs , we would certainly have less compression on the hips and knees which will be supported by its memory and all the other joints will enjoy less stress.

Understood the reason for its use, now let's dedicate ourselves to answering the other question, how is it used?

On the market there are two types of leg cushions: the anatomical one in the shape of a saddle, with the two curvatures that support the housing of the legs, or the one in the shape of a heart.

Both have the same function and the same effectiveness.

The cushion should be positioned between the two legs just below the horse, in order to support the hips and the pelvis so as to avoid its rotation and misalignment of the column.

It is also recommended to use two with the other positioned between the two knees so as not to stress the joints.

A final tip is certainly to check for the presence of an adjustable strap to anchor the pillow to the leg and prevent it from moving or falling out of bed during sleep, invalidating all its effectiveness.