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Free shipping in Italy ✈ 10% discount on the purchase of two cushions

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The cervical causes and natural remedies | neck pillow

The cervical causes and natural remedies | neck pillow

One of the most common ailments nowadays is certainly the inflammation of the cervical or neck pain.

Specifically, it is an inflammation of the upper vertebrae of the spine at the base of the neck and head.

Recognizing it is easy, there is a stiffening of the neck muscles, a decrease in the ability to move the head and pain in the same area with, at times, a sense of dizziness, nausea and headache.

The causes are different and vary from person to person, stress, poor movement and incorrect postures are the masters, especially with office jobs or sedentary jobs in general.

The other part of the statistic is occupied by traumas or accidents from both physical and work activity.

Locating the triggering cause is essential to understand how to act with the treatments and to understand if you need medical care or self-regulation of your lifestyle.

The remedies also vary according to the type of triggering cause, there are medical therapies, physiotherapy therapies, postural gymnastics, but regardless of the cause, a lifestyle change is always necessary, increasing movement and reducing sedentary lifestyle, improving posture both day than at night.

During the day we can defend ourselves autonomously with sport or improved posture, the problem arises during the night when we don't have control of our body.

Not only is it right to intervene here too, but it is very important to do so. Considering that on average a person sleeps 8 hours a day, improving night posture becomes a necessity to be able to wake up without pain in the morning and, above all, full of energy to face a full day's work. In the specific case of cervical inflammation, the solution to the problem can be helped with a specially designed cervical pillow , with a double wave shape that differs in height for greater customization of the position.

The depression caused by the presence of the two waves allows the head to be housed in the center and one of the two waves is positioned to support the base of the neck in such a way as to keep the upper part of the spine aligned with the rest of the column itself.

To make this type of orthopedic cervical pillow effective in its function, various factors come into play, such as density and compression return speed.

The density also determines the hardness of the pillow itself. This is certainly a very subjective factor, everyone has their own habits and producing an anatomical neck pillow that makes the whole world happy is practically impossible.

We at Cipoxpat have carefully studied it trying to stay in the right middle ground, not too hard but not too soft either.

Pillows that are too firm usually have the problem of very slow return to compression that doesn't allow for the right support when we move during the night.

A pillow that is too soft does not have a support effect on its own, thus invalidating the effectiveness of its main function.

The Cipoxpat cervical pillow was designed with a mix taste maintaining the comfort of a soft pillow but at the same time the support of a firm pillow with the immediate return to compression, regardless of the movement and night position it will always be there.

One of our great prides as well as the business card of our cushions is the sustainability of both materials and production, even the cervical cushion, like the leg cushion , is covered in Tencel organic and biodegradable vegetable fiber in a single term ECO- Friendly.