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Free shipping in Italy ✈ 10% discount on the purchase of two cushions

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Deep rest and healthy skin: like a good cervical pillow it can improve sleep and save on cosmetics

Deep rest and healthy skin: like a good cervical pillow it can improve sleep and save on cosmetics

Night rest is not just a desire after a long day of work, but an essential biological need for the health of our body and, in particular, our skin. Before delving into the benefits and problems of adequate and non-adequate sleep, it is important to take all precautions so that our nights are pleasant and peaceful, therefore eliminating all technological light, avoiding coffee and alcohol before going to sleep and above all starting to use a double wave cervical pillow even if you don't have neck pain problems. It is not necessary to suffer from particular pathologies to use an ergonomic orthopedic pillow. Sleeping on an anticervical support is an excellent preventative action.

But how exactly does a good night's sleep relate to skin health? And how could it affect the budget dedicated to cosmetics?

The link between sleep and skin health

Our body follows a circadian rhythm, which regulates a series of biological functions in a 24-hour cycle. During the hours of sleep, the skin enters a regeneration phase, repairing damage caused by stress, pollution and UV radiation. This period is essential for:

  1. Collagen production: Collagen is a key protein for keeping skin elastic and young. During hours of deep rest, collagen production reaches its peak.
  2. Detoxification: While we sleep, our body removes toxins, including excess harmful substances that could affect skin health.
  3. Hydration: The body's water balance is regulated during sleep. The skin absorbs moisture, while the excess is eliminated.

Deep Rest and Savings on Cosmetics

With healthy and well-groomed skin thanks to rest, you may discover a reduction in the need for cosmetic products for:

  • Cover imperfections
  • Fight redness and irritation
  • Moisturize dry skin

Additionally, healthy skin can reduce the need for professional and expensive cosmetic treatments in the long run.

It is enough to think about how many cosmetic products are bought to cover skin defects and/or imperfections due to stress or little rest such as the famous "bags under the eyes" or "dark circles" but countless examples of the use of concealers could be given.

The flip side: what happens with unrewarding sleep

Contrary to the benefits of good sleep, chronic sleep deprivation can:

  • Accelerate skin aging: Lack of night's rest reduces collagen production, making skin saggy and accentuating wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Cause imbalances: Skin can become too dry or too oily due to lack of moisture regulation.
  • Increase sensitivity and problems: Without adequate time to repair itself, skin is more susceptible to irritation, redness and acne.

A good, deep rest, therefore, is not only beneficial for the mind and body, but is a real elixir of youth for our skin. By taking care of your sleep, you will not only improve your overall health, but you will help your skin stay fresh, young, well hydrated, and smooth without having to resort to an excess of cosmetic creams to remedy and correct what the skin does so natural while you sleep. All this could lead you to use fewer creams or not at all and consequently bring a lot of savings into your pocket. On the contrary, underestimating the importance of sleep could be costly in the true sense of the word, requiring the intervention of a cosmetics professional with even higher costs.